The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

(Based on the version printed in Liber O)

The Ritual

This ritual is to be performed after the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram.

  1. Stand upright, feet together, left arm at side, right arm across body, holding the wand or other weapon upright in the median line. Then face East, and say:
  2. I. N. R. I.
    Yod. Nun. Resh. Yod.
    Virgo, Isis, Mighty Mother.
    Scorpio, Apophis, Destroyer.
    Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen.
    Isis, Apophis, Osiris, IAO.
  3. Extend the arms in the form of a cross, and say: The sign of Osiris Slain.
  4. Raise the right arm to point upwards, keeping the elbow square, and lower the left arm to point downwards, keeping the elbow square, while turning the head over the left shoulder looking down so that the eyes follow the left forearm, and say: The sign of the Mourning of Isis.
  5. Raise the arms at an angle of sixty degrees to each other above the head, which is thrown back, and say: The sign of Apophis and Typhon.
  6. Cross the arms on the breast, and bow the head, and say: The sign of Osiris Risen.
  7. Extend the arms again as in 3 and cross them again as in 6, saying: L.V.X., Lux, the Light of the Cross.
  8. With the magical weapon trace the Hexagram of Fire in the East, saying: ARARITA.

    Which word consists of the initials of a sentence which means "One is His Beginning: One is His Individuality: His Permutation is One."
  9. Trace the Hexagram of Earth in the South, saying: ARARITA.
  10. Trace the Hexagram of Air in the West, saying: ARARITA.
  11. Trace the Hexagram of Water in the North, saying: ARARITA.
  12. Repeat 1-7.
  13. The Banishing Ritual is identical, save that the direction of the Hexagrams must be reversed.

    Soror Marfiza's Notes

    Many Thelemites choose, in rituals such as the Rites of Eleusis and others, to substitute Liber XXXVI, called The Star Sapphire, for this ritual.

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