Spiritual Exercises
of Thelema

Nathan Bjorge

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The moral right of Nathan W. Bjorge to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted.

Illustrated and typeset by Bryce Churchill

All material quoted from Aleister Crowley and Charles Lee Reese (Ebony Anpu) © copyright OTO. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Ordo Templi Orientis
International Headquarters
JAF Box 7666
New York, NY 10116-4632 USA


Postfach 33 20 12
D-14180 Berlin, Germany


To my Teachers, most especially to:

Ebony Anpu (1950 - 1999)
Phyllis Seckler (1917 - 2004)
James Eshelman


I would like to thank personally the following friends, mentors and fellow travelers during the period that this book was conceived and written:

John Brunie, Michael Sanborn, Mordecai Shapiro, David Scriven, Sam Webster, Shirine Morton, Bill Heidrick, Donald Frew, Tony Davis, Cynthia Osborn, April Dawn, Aimee Hornberger, the Baal Shem Michael Miller, Charles Humphries, Gregory Peters, Samuel Shult, and Dr. David Shoemaker.

Spiritual Exercises of Thelema

Table of Contents

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