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Privacy statement

We neither collect nor store personal information of any kind. We provide services that you ask for based on inputs that you give us, but we don't care whether the information identifies you. We don't sell that data, we don't give it away, we don't do anything with it except provide the service you asked for.

For example, when you ask us to provide sunrise/sunset times for a given location, you give us an address. We don't care if it's your address or the Pope's, or even if it's real or complete, except that if it doesn't produce geographical coordinates then we can't give you what you asked for and we feel awful for having disappointed you. All we use it for is to find the geographical coordinates of that address for the purpose of determining when the sun rises and sets there, so we can show it to you. Then we store that address along with its geographical coordinates so we can find it quickly if someone asks for it again.

We don't advertise, we don't sell anything, and we don't partner with anyone who does. (As it happens, we don't partner with anyone, period. So there.) That won't change, ever, so we don't need you to tell us anything personal about yourself.

Love is the law, love under will.

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