777 flash cards

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Select the mode you want to play in. This affects how the game works after you select a correct answer. In 'flash card' mode, the game marks your correct answer and waits for you to click again before advancing, so you have a chance to study your answer. In 'quiz' mode, the game advances to the next question immediately. In 'exam' mode, the game stops after the first wrong answer.

 Flash card mode (advance after a second click)
 Quiz mode (advance immediately after a correct answer)
 Exam mode (stop at the first wrong answer)

Select the list of categories to be used in the game. Any box you check will be considered when presenting questions and answers. You must select at least two categories, though you may select as many as you like.


How to play

First, select a list of categories that you want to use during the game. (Between games, you can change your category list by clicking the 'check' icon at the lower left of the game board.) Press OK to display the game board.

To start, click the 'start' icon (the '>' arrow). When the game starts, the leftmost, larger box is the question and the other boxes have possible answers.

Click on the answer you like. If you answer correctly, that answer is highlighted. After that, you can click on any game square to advance to the next question. If you guess wrong, that answer is replaced by a red X 'sorry' icon, and you can try a different answer.

To skip a question, click the 'skip' icon at the lower left corner of the game board. To stop the game, click the 'stop' icon. To clear the game board completely, click 'stop' again.

Your score appears when you click on your first answer, and remains visible until you clear the board. The timer starts when the score appears, and stops when you stop the game.

All the boxes have floating titles. If you're having trouble making out an icon, hover your mouse over that icon to see its title.

The game has three modes of play. "Flash card" mode marks the correct answer when you click on it, then waits for you to click again before advancing. This lets you study the answer. "Quiz" mode advances immediately when you click on the correct answer. In either mode, if you ask to be shown the answer, it is marked and the game waits for you to click before advancing. "Exam" mode works like "quiz" mode, but stops on the first wrong answer.